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pek is an intuitive being, Insight Coach & Ho'oponopono Practitioner from Ontario, Canada. Her journey as a Coach began after working for 20+ years as an Exec. Assistant for C suite leaders. She aims to create a spark in the eyes of everyone she connects with and to help any relationship that needs healing. Especially the relationship with oneself. Meditation and spirituality are important parts of her coaching practice. You can join her tribe at "Ipek's Circle of Bliss" here on Insight Timer. is based out east and affiliated with Dalhousie University. This site provides lots of information for young people, families and professionals. was developed by researchers, practitioners and young people for young people. Children’s Mental Health Ontario has lots of information for youth, parents and professionals. is the Canadian Mental Health Association website and has information about mental health initiatives throughout Ontario. They send out a news blast and you can sign up to get it. provides mental health resources and an interactive online tool that will help parents and caregivers find reliable information on different mental health issues, and recommendations on how to manage those issues. has mental health resources and links to mental health service providers in your geographic area. If you or someone you know has a mental health problem, there are ways to get help. Studies show that most people with mental health problems get better and many recover completely. (USA)

This site helps inform parents of teenagers about the common mental health struggles teens battle every day we recently published an educational guide covering the different ways parents can identify mental illness struggles in their children and support them compassionately. 


For Professionals provides resources and information to professionals working in the field of youth mental health. developed by CAMH is a site where professionals can access information on different forums about mental health and substance abuse.  You have to request to join the site, but it is simple. has a number of tools, services and trainings for professionals working in the child and youth mental health field.

Resource Material 

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Ipek Williamson is a Certified Insight Coach and Meditation Teacher.


Her journey as an Insight Coach took over her focus after working for more than two decades as an Executive Assistant for C suite leaders of several multinational organizations. She perfectly blends her vast corporate experience with diversified areas of expertise as a coach and mentor.


In addition to the Ipek Williamson Coaching practice, she provides coaching and consulting to corporations as one of Annie Leib LLC and Happy Work Environment Ltd. elite coaches.


As well as her multiple highly acclaimed meditations for adults and children that she showcases on the Insight Timer App, Ipek leads live meditation sessions through that same application.

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Dr. Kariko

Growing up in a small Hungarian town, Kati Karikó was curious about everything. 


As an adult, she channeled her curiosity into her work as a scientist. An mRNA vaccine had never been made before, and she faced frequent criticism and was told by other scientists she would never succeed. After many years of hard work and dedication, she figured out how to use mRNA to make a vaccine―and when a deadly virus called COVID-19 started infecting millions of people, Kati’s invention turned out to be exactly what the world needed.


Never Give Up is the inspiring true story of a determined scientist who proved that a little bit of curiosity and a lot of hard work can save lives.

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Stephanie L. Mann

Every teen should read "Magical YOU: Empowering Teens to Stay Safe and Healthy in an Unsafe World!" The ten steps include stories, illustrations, and graphics to help youth learn how magical they are despite any difficulties. Loneliness is a national epidemic after COVID.


Empowered youth learn how to make real friends, understand why bullies and victims are attracted to each other, and how to stay spiritually centered at all times.

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