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Team of STEPS I Chris Cappannelli

Image by Joe Shields


Chris Cappannelli 
Investigator/30 year U.S. law enforcement official

The Truth About Substance Abuse


When our task force began compiling statements from law enforcement and health care experts on the harmful effects of substance abuse, this one. statement from U.S. Homeland Security Investigator Chris Cappennelli stood out from the rest:


My career in U.S. Federal border enforcement, with significant experience interacting with drug smugglers, dealers, and users, has taught me that illegal drug use never ends well. 


“Taking any street drug is playing Russian Roulette – there is ZERO quality control by ANY scientist or governmental authority; just ONE ‘experiment’, ONE time, can KILL you or damage you for life.


Even legal drugs not prescribed to you can do immense harm.
There is no way to know, if a doctor hasn’t examined you and is aware of your medical history, what effect drugs like Xanax or Oxycontin can have on you (never mind the risk of dependency or overdose from opioids). For young adult men, the desire for strength and attractiveness have caused some to turn to anabolic steroids (‘juicing’) for a ‘quick fix’ without recognizing the consequences – unclean needles leading to HIV or hepatitis, liver damage, and testicular dysfunction.


If you are tempted to try illegal drugs or to drink to excess – DON’T;
if you have a problem, seek helpIMMEDIATELY. But please, PLEASE do not throw away your future on what you THINK makes you feel good; there are MANY other choices that WILL make you feel and BE good without the risk of psychosis, injury, or death.”

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