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Team of STEPS I Stephen Daubeny

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Stephen Daubeny 
Vice President

We believe STEPS to be true paradigm shift.


It is designed to work with and accelerate the efforts of existing agencies in the field of prevention and readiness.  The initiative is designed to offer high school students effective prevention education at no cost to the public.


Following up on a number of pilot projects we are preparing to launch an online multimedia campaign across North America in 2020.  The target audience is approximately 50 million high school students in the first wave.  


This project is aligned to be international in scope in the next phase. We anticipate global presence by 2025. 

The plan is to provide students with quality and evidence - based education focusing on 6 crucial areas: Mental Health, Addictions, Emergency Preparedness, Crime Prevention, Fire Prevention and Accident Prevention.


This will tie in effectively with student requirements for volunteer credit hours by participating in STEPS.


Educators may choose to have trained teenagers work under teacher supervision to facilitate the training
of elementary students.  


Free training and certifications for job site readiness are offered to students who participate in the STEPS Program.  It is well documented that young entrants to the work force are at greater risk of injury in their
first 6 months. Training such as Fall Protection, Hazardous Materials, PPE, Safe Food Handling and other safety awareness courses will be offered to teenagers, free of charge, on-line.


In providing young participants with simple certifications we will also assist them to build resumes and to find jobs, in any market. This will steer youth away from criminal pathways and is in keeping with the National Crime Prevention Strategies of many countries.  

In closing, I want to congratulate student participants throughout Mexico, the United States and Canada. I sincerely hope that you enjoy your experience and that these learned principles help you to enjoy a healthy, safe, and productive life.

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